About Us

Video interviews are a great way to learn new strategies, get ideas or find some answers to some of life’s challenges whether personal or business related. Reading the text from an interview is one thing, however seeing individuals interact in video adds a whole new level of understanding.  The audience gets to see the emotion and also gets a sense to what the person being interviewed is all about. Bottom line is that in a video interview it’s easier to digest the information and is more entertaining than reading a page of text.

It’s up to the interviewer to look at the interview from the audience’s perspective. What would the audience ask if they could jump in and ask a question to the expert?

Ken Wells, founder of the International Expert Directory over the years has interviewed hundreds of experts from around the world.  His focus was to find out more about their business and learn how they help their customers. He has interviewed marketers, coaches, writers, trainers, consultants, speakers, accountants and the list goes on.

In the back of his mind he always had the intention of creating a website where he and other individuals could interview experts from around the world and share their knowledge with others.

To Your Success is that website.

We hope that you can learn from these video interviews and use this knowledge to enjoy these interviews to build a successful business and achieve personal success.

To Your Success